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Digital Business & IT Transformation

It is hard to change, especially if no-one wants to change, let alone if there is not a valueable reason to change. Thats why before we begin supporting you, we ensure you have clarity on the real reasons for your Transformation. There needs to be a “burning platform” and also a distant nirvana that we are seeking to create.

From here our job is to help you lead teams who are able to improve their ability to deliver and maintain digital products, whilst supporting you to bring the organisation with you.

We help you construct, align and deliver value-driven organisational experiments that also deliver increased customer value and to implement your corporate strategy.

Six steps for successful Transformation

Follow these six steps to guarantee your Transformation’s success



Gain a simple, enterprise-wide , data-driven perspective on the effectiveness of value-delivery across your organisation.


Target Operating Model

Develop the most optimal operating model to facilitate end to end value-delivery organisation wide.



Define a value-based approach to implementing your Target Operating Model which enables organisation-wide learning.


Scaled Innovation

Embed delivery practises and operating systems that enable continuous innovation at scale.



Drive your delivery teams performance forward with targeted improvement plans and hands-on implementation support.


Training & Coaching

Gain bespoke Training and Coaching support developed specifically for your organisations context.

What Does Agile Transformation Deliver?

Choose from monthly leadership advice, regular performance coaching, or hands-on delivery support

Leadership Advice

Monthly Sessions




Agile Delivery Diagnostic

Organisation Design Audit

Leadership Performance Audit

Leadership Coaching

Limited Capacity!

Performance Coaching


Group & 1-to-1



Everything From Leadership Advice

Leadership Team Meetings

Objective & Key Result Workshop

Design Thinking Workshop

Retrospective Workshops

Limited Capacity!

Delivery Support


Group & 1-to-1



Everything From Leadership Advice

Includes Everything In Performance Coaching

Scaled Agile Delivery System

Scaled Human Centred Design Delivery System

Leadership Team Coaching

Programme & Agile Project Management

Governance & Decision-making System

Limited Capacity!

What Do XPN Members Say?

“I have had the privilege to work alongside Rayyan. Rayyan as an Agile coach can breakdown the most complex of requirements to understandable and achievable chunks of work by all parties involved. He listens to every comment and makes decisions clearheaded.”


Agile Transformation Leader

“The words I would use to describe him are, passionate, dedicated, talented and a real critical thinker who wants action rather than words. Rare talent in my view as he’s a thinker, doer and reflective practitioner. “

Dr. Paul Thomas

ex-BBC Wales Business Doctor

“His passion for his trade is effortless, his ability to engage a room of leaders is phenomenal and his knowledge of Agility, Coaching and Business Transformation had me referring to him as a walking encyclopaedia!”



Agile Transformation is not for you if...


❌ You are not willing to approach known problems with new thinking and new approaches.

❌ You are not directly able to control or influence the Transformation approach.

❌ You not willing to take measured risks through deliberate experimentation, especially if they challenge the status quo.

Agile Transformation is for you if...


✅ You are willing to adapt new thinking and new approaches because you seek new levels of performance.

✅ You are directly able to control and / or influence the Transformation approach across the organisation.

✅ You are willing to take strategic risks through well defined experiments that challenge the status quo of the organisation.

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