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With Rayyan’s direct support your entire organisation will elevate it’s performance, become tightly aligned to Group-level strategy, and remain highly autonomous in the way each business drives the metrics that better. The below case studies evidence Rayyan’s proven ability to create huge impact through Transformation advice and strategy, Executive leadership coaching, and team performance coaching. 

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Banks are renown for being highly regulated environments, with “old school” mindsets and beliefs. Typically they are places of work where leaders bark orders and teams blindly follow. Learn how Rayyan has shaped the brighter future of Banking, a future where teams of equals problem-solve together, and serve end to end customer journeys (without any silos!).

Rayyan was hired by the CTO to support the start-up’s ability to deliver on its promises to its early investors. Rayyan’s role was to more tightly align Business & IT departments, bringing increased customer value at a faster pace.

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Rayyan was asked by one of the worlds largest software consultancies to save their $2bn relationship with the biggest retail bank in Brazil. Rayyan’s work was to enable a board approved re-design of strategy and to level-up the ways of working across their leadership teams and delivery teams. This was achieved in just 3 weeks.

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Rayyan supported this Bank on a profound transformation journey which lasted 3.5years. Rayyan’s role was to support the development of Transformation strategy, coach teams to high performance, coach leaders to become transformational in their approach, and to enable a brand new division of 18,000 people to be successful.

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Software Consultancy

Digital Transformation centres on creating exceptional customer journeys, which deliver increasing customer value, at a fast pace, with high quality. More than 90% of Rayyan’s Case Studies have heavily involved supporting software teams, this case study section is focused on Software Consultancy’s that have hired Rayyan to help.

Rayyan was hired over a 12 month period to support Tier 1 relationships undergoing $bn digital transformation programmes delivered by IBM. Rayyan’s role was to assess and where required adapt the strategic approach, redefine and align key relationships, and systemically improve delivery performance where necessary.

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Energy, Oil & Gas

With a burning desire to transition their business models away from fossil fuels into renewable and climate-friendly energy sources, its safe to say Energy, Oil & Gas companies need to pivot their business models rapidly. Rayyan has personally supported scaled organisations in this industry to both transition their business models while increasing their digital customer experiences.

Rayyan was hired to directly support the strategically important Digital & Data initiatives, as well as a number of business-focused initiatives. Rayyan’s work was to create transparency, coach key leaders to become transformational in their approach, and to support programmes, projects and delivery teams become high performing.

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Rayyan was hired by an international software consultancy to improve their strategic relationship with SSE. Through an intense two week period, Rayyan conducted listening sessions, workshops and coaching sessions with key leaders. The result was a more strategically orientated relationship, focused on digital transformation.

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“Big Pharma” is not without its share of controversies and is renowned for having a robust scientific method of test & learn before they release and scale their products. However, typically, their business structures have not adapted to enable their rapid delivery of digital customer journeys. Rayyan’s work here has so far been to inspire them towards a digital future.

Rayyan was hired by an international software consultancy to design a three-day leadership event for the top 100 leaders. Rayyan’s design captivated the imagination, curiosity and desire of key leadership to embark on a transformational leadership journey. The aim was to enable leaders with the initial momentum that would allow them to then re-imagine the entire organisation for a digital future.

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With an enormous amount of data comes huge opportunity for the worlds leading aviation companies. Rayyan’s work in this industry has been to support them organise more effectively around their strategic intent, so they can deliver higher value to their customer base, while remaining attractive to new customers.

Rayyan was hired by an international software consultancy to further enhance the strategic relationship with their key client Qantas Airlines. Rayyan’s work was to support the consultancy’s leadership to re-think and re-align the strategic relationship, remove waste, create deeper transparency and begin to serve their key strategic initiatives in an even more meaningful way.

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Healthcare Start Up

There is fierce debate in the Healthcare industry. Some believe in modern forms of healthcare whilst others, believe in alternative forms of healthcare which are rooted in more ancient practises such as herbs and plant-based medicine. Rayyan’s work here has been to take new brands to market quickly, gaining an audience and generating revenue.

Rayyan was personally approached by the founders of this start up with the aim of helping them create a brand and take it to market. Rayyan’s work enabled them to take a full scale brand to market and generate revenue in just 6-weeks, including the  launch of their core product range.

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Education In The United Kingdom

Education systems are developed to support the attainment of strong learning outcomes. Naturally, an Education providers ability to reach these outcomes depends on their internal ability to respond well to the changing dynamic of the young learners they support. Rayyan’s work has been to modernise Education providers approach to making this possible.

Rayyan was hired directly to support this education provider to transform their approach to leadership, teamwork and high performance. Rayyan’s work enabled all staff members to co-create a shared backlog of experimental improvement activity which they felt would enable them to deliver even better outcomes for pupils.

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Rayyan was hired directly to support this education provider to create systemic culture change. Rayyan facilitated a robust and proven method of transformation which enabled key leadership to challenge their bias, adapt their mental models, and design organisation-wide experiments that would reshape their system of education forever.

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The modern world is adapting fast to digital experiences and this is having an increasing impact on the way that we shop – just ask the famous UK brand “woolworths” which closed in 2009 after 100 years in business. Retail businesses have ever since continued to find ways to create seamless customer experiences blending in-perosn, online and self-service into one effortless and highly tailored customer journey.

Rayyan was hired to support the training and coaching of leadership on how to create an effective digital transformation. Through a series of workshops,  IT & business functions were brought together to co-create their OKR’s, design strategically impact initiatives together, and decide upon a new operating model which would enable transparency and a clear focus on delivering customer value at pace. 

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