ClearBank (UK)

Executive Summary

In a rapidly evolving financial landscape of the UK, Clear Bank (the first clearing house for 250 years), embarked on a journey to strengthen its commitment to investors and redefine customer value delivery. With the visionary leadership of their CTO, Clear Bank sought the expertise of Agile transformation strategist Rayyan Karim to amplify the alignment between their Business and IT departments. Rayyan’s engagement catalyzed a monumental transformation, propelling Clear Bank from six annual software releases to multiple daily releases, setting a remarkable benchmark for agility in the industry.

Clear Bank, a promising financial start-up, stood at the crossroads of innovation and customer value. Their dedication to delivering on investor promises and revolutionizing the banking experience led them to seek transformative solutions that could align their Business and IT functions seamlessly.

Client Background

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Problem Statement

Clear Bank faced a dual challenge: achieving the delivery commitments to early investors and enhancing customer value. The organization grappled with the inefficiencies of siloed Business and IT departments, hindering rapid software releases and slowing innovation.

Solution Offered

Rayyan Karim, renowned Agile transformation expert, was engaged by Clear Bank’s CTO to orchestrate a holistic alignment strategy. His mission was to dissolve barriers between departments, fostering a culture of collaboration and enabling the acceleration of software delivery.

Implementation Process

Rayyan embarked on an all-encompassing journey, meticulously designed to bridge the gap between Clear Bank’s Business and IT functions. His approach included immersive workshops, coaching, and mentoring to reshape mindsets and methodologies, thus catalyzing transformation from the ground up.

Results & Impact

The impact of Rayyan’s engagement was nothing short of revolutionary. Clear Bank underwent an extraordinary transition, ramping up their software release frequency from a mere six per year to the staggering ability to release multiple times daily. This astonishing achievement revolutionized the organization’s ability to innovate and cater to customer needs swiftly and effectively.

Challenges Overcome

The path to transformation was not devoid of challenges. Overcoming resistance to change, redefining cultural norms, and managing the intricate interplay between departments were formidable tasks that Rayyan and the Clear Bank team overcame with tenacity, agility, and strategic planning.

From this transformative journey, Clear Bank emerged with invaluable lessons. The importance of visionary leadership, the power of cross-functional collaboration, and the efficacy of an Agile transformation guided by a skilled expert were etched into their corporate ethos.

Lessons Learned

Happy Clients

Transformative results and satisfied clients attest to the power of Rayyan’s agile coaching expertise. Join us and experience the impact of agile coaching firsthand.

"He is wise amongst his years and he has the heart to be the best coach in your organisation. An amazing individual and a leader amongst coaches"
Adeel Customer Client
Adeel Mirza
"Worked tirelessly to get us to a solid place quickly. He has a remarkable ability to bring everyone together and get the right people to make decisions"
Jack Customer Client
Jack Horton
“Rayyan provides provable and efficient methods of laying out our ways of working which helped us across many teams to get perspective and gain momentum quickly.”
Nath Customer Client
Nathaniel Cole



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