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Rayyan’s Design Your Future framework allows you to begin practical, conscious, deliberate experiments that enhance your overall life experience. Design Your Future effortlessly blends the best in western science and eastern spirituality into a practical personal development program stretching you to realise your highest aspirations.

Western Science meets Eastern Spirituality

Profound Personal Growth






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Personal Growth made easy

Design Your Future

This is way more than the “law of attraction” this is an easy to access, step by step process that guides you to defining, designing and gaining momentum for your highest aspirations.

The Design Your Future program starts with allowing you to honestly and sincerely raise your investment in your every day life, learn your “self”, and how to appreciate your current reality. This opening phase allows you to make significant rapid changes in your personal life so that you are ready for rapid growth.

After this, we follow the path of neuroscience and eastern mystics who both agree, fulfilling your potential and making the best out of your current opportunities requires you to:

1 – Raise Your Investment

2 – Learn Your “Self”

3 – Appreciate Your “Self”

4 – Design Your Future

5 – Experience Your Future

6 – Celebrate Your Journey

Design Your Future is available to XPG Community members in E-Book format, in an online course, and also as a six week 1-to-1 Coaching Program.

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Community Growth


“…left my old ways behind. Im now in the best shape of my life, learnt how to build websites, started my own e-commerce store and launched a digital marketing business!”

Sol, Essex, UK



“…helped me carve out steps to make progress towards my goals, and also reflect and build on essential changes to my lifestyle, routines, daily habbits to make it all possible. In just a few weeks i gained confidence, moved into a bigger role, and made huge steps forward with my personal projects (without ever feeling like it was too much)”

Eunice, London, UK



“… i love that the primary focus wasn’t on the materialistic but to confront yourself honestly and sincerely. Knowledge without application doesn’t do a damn thing, but this was a simple guide to challenging yourself without judgment or belittling.”

Shazad, Luton, UK



“…Stopped working real estate to pursue my singing career. Now i sing 5 days a week in Dubai!”

Jamie, Dubai, UAE



“During a difficult period o fmy life, rayyan’s coaching really helped me to focus… after getting made redundant i was able to gain new employment, gain my ideal work-life balance, and I developed a way to be more productive”

Shayan, Reading, UK



“I’m half way through the design your future course with Rayyan… my way of thinking is changing and im more aware of my thoughts  behaviours. I’m looking forward to the second half of the course and the results of several ongoing experiments”

Natalie, Almeria, Spain


Who Is Rayyan?



Rayyan has supported FTSE100 and NASDAQ leadership teams for more than 8 years, helping to design and implement radically new approaches to leadership, team performance and organisation design. Learn more about Rayyan’s mission here

For Design Your Future, Rayyan has applied neuroscience, behaviour science and eastern approaches to being at your best into step by step guide. This thinking & action process empowers you to continually design, experiment and evaluate powerful experiments for your personal growth.

About, Rayyan Karim is an experienced agile coach and consultant. He has helped teams adopt agile methodologies and improve their project management practices.