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The below statistics can combine to provide us a likely narrative for many young people in our society, and indeed the potential society this will create for local communities in the future. Do you remember what it was like being 14-19 years old? They are transformative years for many, and are key years in establishing the habits and routines that we keep for a lifetime. Adult behaviour change is tough. All we need to do is consider the volume of people that struggle to stop smoking every year, let alone those trying to adjust their eating habits, exercise routines or even thinking patterns. The beauty of being 14-19years old is that you’re subconscious mind is absorbing far more than you could ever unravel consciously. The learnings from that period of time, often, stay with you for a lifetime.
For a moment, I want you to imagine being at school in today’s world. Imagine what it would be like, for a group of trained facilitators to allow you to explore universal principles that allow you to better understand the secrets of getting ahead in life. As part of the journey you will get to discover how to get to know who you really are, who you want to be, where you want to focus and how to focus on making it happen. Imagine being a part of that exploration for 5 weeks, and feeling excited for your future. Where do you feel this alternate reality could have taken you?
Now, imagine if teachers and their leadership teams were also supported in learning how to best serve a system engineered to continually improve pupil outcomes. 


Pupils on free school meals do not achieve a ‘strong pass’ (Grade 5 or above in English and Maths)


of school leavers from disadvantaged areas that do not participate in any UK University


young people aged 16-24 who are ‘Economically active’ (engaging in economic activity) and unemployed in May – July 2019


Classified as ‘NEET’ (not in education, employment or training) are also unemployed despite seeking employment

41 %

Children and young peoplereoffended after at least one criminal conviction


Children and young people who experience a mental health problem have not had appropriate interventions at a sufficiently early age

"WHAT IF..."


Our “What If… Design Your Future” is a 5 week initiative that allows young people to take full ownership of their life decisionscreate enhanced motivation to achieve personal excellence, and increase their personal commitment to continuous growth.

In addition to this we offer an extended range of complimentary services that focuses on supporting school Teachers, and Leaders to optimise the way their Education Provider allows for continuously improving pupil outcomes. 

We are on a mission to inspire a further 585 young people before September 2021, and are looking to interested in creating strategic partnerships with education providers of 14-19 year olds. In good faith of our strategic partnerships, we offer all of our complimentary services for Teachers and Leaders at significantly discounted rates. 

Together we can inspire a generation of young people to desire a compelling future for themselves.



Our programme improves pupils language skills and their overall communication in a supportive empowering learning environment that grows their confidence.

Whilst we have a minimum 5 week, 5 session framework for our course, we also remain flexible in adding on further  services which can include before and after school as well as holiday clubs.

Our 5 week programme consists of as many sessions, and is delivered one per week for 5 consecutive weeks. This allows us to take the young people on a learning journey whilst our education partner observes how the course influences each participants behaviour in other subjects. Our partners usually swap the same timetabled lesson for a 5 week period with the “WHAT IF – Design your future” programme. 

By the end of the five week course each participant will:

✅ Increase the level of attention they are investing in the choices they are making

✅ Gain a deeper understanding of the person they are

✅ Diagnose the impact “self-talk” can have on their future

✅ Design a personal persona (avatar) for their future

✅ Experience their future persona through dramatical devices

✅ Shape a large audacious goal that will allow them to focus their next efforts whilst in education

NOTE: We are able to leverage even more creativity in our delivery style if we are able to use a large open space supported by some flip charts and chairs (and of course classrooms are okay too!).

2019 - 2020 TESTIMONIAL

” The ‘What If’ Workshop Program was piloted at Big Creative Independent School, which is a KS4 school based in Waltham Forest, for learners who feel mainstream school did not engage them enough in the creative industries for them to reach their full potential, as well as a provision for young people who have barriers to learning.

The aim of the ‘What If’ Workshop Program was to inspire young people to take full ownership of their life decisions, create enhanced motivation to achieve personal excellence, increase their personal commitment to continuous growth and to allow each young person to learn and apply professional coaching techniques. The ‘What If’ Workshop aimed to aid BCE’s young people in identifying the steps they will need to take in order to reach their ultimate goals, whether it be running their own business one day, or purchasing their very first home.

“Lead tutor Rayyan used a wide variety of games and structured activities to help learners engage and gain understanding at different levels”

The group saw the importance of thinking long term, and not being afraid to look too far into the future, they also saw the importance of breaking down mammoth tasks into small steps

Learners and staff found the sessions to be very engaging” 

2019 - 2020 LEARNINGS

✅ We should continue to leverage an interactive and engaging delivery style that focuses on allowing as much learning as possible to “stick”

✅ Young people felt empowered by feeling far into their future

✅ Staff were motivated and inspired by the course subject matter and delivery style

✅ Young people would benefit more from focusing on their future in even more depth, instead of learning coaching techniques and skills

✅ Staff could receive greater value from if they were able to book 1:1 time with Rayyan.



We support our Education Partners in the continued professional development of their Teachers. Our focus is always on creating capability that lasts after the time we leave. That is why we have a model that is more ‘hands on’ at the beginning, and increasingly ‘hands-off’ as Teachers progress in their level of understanding and application. 

We offer 1:1 coaching, small and large group training, and a hybrid approach. 

Our coaching approach will partner with staff members for 6 weeks at a time. This is the minimum duration for effective behaviour change, and so we support a minimum 6 week engagement. We also offer a full seven-step process that supports our hybrid approach when working with large numbers of Teachers as a cohort.

The below 7 Steps illustrates a typical Teacher’s experience following the 7 step method:




Our Education Partners know about the difficulties of embedding a vision across an entire organisation. We support you in shaping your education system to drive the behaviour that will make your vision a success.

We work with you to help you learn how to optimise your operating systems for the continuous improvement of pupil outcomes at pace. Part of this evolution in operating system creates a culture of continuous learning, and an ethos of empirical experimentation across the organisation. Part of this evolution is also beginning to see your role as a leader to be to create more leaders. In order to do so effectively, we will also focus on mastering the art of servant leadership. 

We support leaders with 30min to 2hour 1:1 sessions, as well as supporting with group workshops and any further facilitation, training or coaching that is required to support the embedding of your vision.




A central part of being able to inspire so many young people is our partnerships with Education Providers. Our aspiration is to achieve a national scale with this programme, with future aspirations to also provide a dynamic pathway into fulfilling careers for young people.

As a result of forming a strategic partnership with us, Education Providers will receive regular coaching sessions for Teachers and Strategy sessions for Leaders in exchange for supporting our experimentation of creating a dynamic pathway that will allow young people to attain fulfilling careers after their years of state funded education.




Taking place at Rayyan’s University, on the 27th June 2017, 400 young people were inspired to explore what the Digital industry might mean for them.

In 2017 only 10% of young people were choosing to study the type of subjects encouraged by the Digital Industry (STEM subjects). Of those 10%, just 7% of them were female. This clearly illustrates that in 2017, society needed to do a lot more to inspire the future.

The full day event was designed to create an engaging learning journey for each of the three large groups (Cortana, Alexa, Siri). Before lunchtime, Young people would spend short sessions gaining information via interactive presentations, then be sped off to solve a real world business problem true to the digital industry in teams, and then be physically introduced to new technology by a rising star of one of the 9 supporting companies. After lunch, each young person would start by solving a different real world problem, play with new tech, gain more directly useful insight via interactive presentations and finish with an inspirational story from a lady in technology.

The event was a roaring success, the first of its kind Lloyds and anyone in the Digital industry had achieved and became the basis for a national apprenticeship campaign. With a team of 70 volunteers on the day, and a dedicated team of 12 it took us 6months of organisation, and it was worth every moment.

An idea that started as a daydream during an event between technology apprentice employers at a BBC Boardroom, 6 months later, became a whirlwind even that allowed 400 young people to understand how they can access an even brighter future.