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We partner with people who know they want more from their current experience of life. We partner with those brave people who are serious about their self-development. We partner with those who are ready to commit to taking action everyday towards creating the life they want to live. We partner with people who are ready to immerse themselves in committed and dedicated behaviour change. We have two avenues to support your development:

  1. A six-week intensive programme of personal discovery, massive action, deep reflection and more massive action
  2. Monthly subscription for anytime access
We give 110% of ourselves, and so we only accept those who are willing to put their absolute all into being honest, truthful and transparent both with themselves and with our process.
Our intense six-week programme does what exactly what it says on the tin. It’s an intensive programme that supports you to make significant behaviour change. If you have big personal goals that feel far away right now this programme will allow you to shape the person you need to become in order to make your dreams possible.


" This programme allowed me to learn how to create a way of living that inspired my personal growth. It was a little weird to put new ideas into action at first, but then the discipline just becomes routine. By the end of 6 weeks I was doing most of the 'new' stuff on auto pilot "

" I went from being a barman pulling pints in the UK, to working for Apple as a contractor. Being supported and guided in sorting out your priorities can definitely have a massive impact "

" Speaking with Rayyan just once helped gain the confidence and clarity I needed to land my promotion "



(Typically 2 hours)

We guide you through a process of self-discovery that allows you to get to know who you are on a deeper level. This stage will also see you gain an appreciation what is actually motivating you,  and will allow you to gain clarity on what it is you want to focus on for the 6week programme.


(Typically 6 days a week)

Everyday we will have a minimum of 15 minutes as a progress checkpoint. We can time this to best suit your commitments. Our daily touch points are designed to keep your energy, motivation and desire for change high. 


(Typically 2 hours)

We celebrate your success with you, allow you to learn from anything that didn’t work, and guide you in looking within yourself to find 1 small but significant personal change each week.


(Typically 6 weeks)

It takes 6 weeks of consistent practise for new behaviour to become our routine operation. We focus the programme over 6 weeks because we want your progress to be sustainable



We are always available to help you self-reflect, gain clarity of direction in your life, help you shape your goals, make priority decisions, and to design routine behaviours that will support your entire life. What we aren’t able to do though, is to know when you want to speak with us. If you want support for your goals, dreams and ambitions at your tips, speak with us today about your needs and lets design a package that works for the two of us.

Monthly coaching subscription