Itau (Brazil)

Executive Summary

Amidst the complexity of the financial industry, Rayyan Karim was summoned to the helm by one of the world’s premier software consultancies, Itau, to salvage a critical $2 billion relationship with Brazil’s largest retail bank. Rayyan’s masterful orchestration enabled a rapid yet profound Agile transformation across leadership and delivery teams. Within an astonishing three-week span, Rayyan’s strategic expertise rejuvenated Itau’s strategy and paved the way for a new era of collaboration and success.

Itau, a titan in the financial sector, faced an impending crisis that threatened its lucrative relationship with Brazil’s largest retail bank. With the stakes high and relationships on the line, Itau sought a visionary partner who could execute a game-changing transformation that would not only rescue their client relationship but also solidify their market position.

Client Background

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Problem Statement

Itau grappled with a critical dilemma: how to rescue a strained relationship and simultaneously rejuvenate their strategy and operational frameworks. The impending risk underscored the need for swift and effective action.

Solution Offered

Rayyan Karim, renowned Agile transformation maestro, was enlisted by one of the world’s leading software consultancies to engineer a revival strategy. His mission: to revolutionize strategy, propel Agile methodologies into practice, and orchestrate a collaborative shift among leadership and delivery teams.

Implementation Process

Rayyan’s approach was a whirlwind of strategic brilliance and hands-on execution. With unwavering focus, he spearheaded a board-approved strategy redesign, unraveling the complexities and refining the roadmap for the future. He meticulously leveled-up ways of working, transcending silos, and fostering a culture of cross-functional unity.

Results & Impact

The outcomes of Rayyan’s intervention were unprecedented. In a mere three weeks, Itau witnessed a seismic shift in its strategy, leadership dynamics, and operational methodologies. The transformed landscape enabled Itau to not only salvage their $2 billion relationship but also position themselves as trailblazers in the industry.

Challenges Overcome

The journey was not without its share of challenges. Navigating intricate internal dynamics, combating resistance to change, and orchestrating a swift transformation were trials that Rayyan tackled head-on. His agility, vision, and relentless dedication turned these challenges into stepping stones of success.

The Itau case study is a testament to the power of strategic intervention and expert guidance. It illuminated the significance of visionary leadership, collaborative synergy, and the profound impact of a rapid yet robust Agile transformation. The success story resonates with valuable lessons that reverberate far beyond the confines of the financial sector.

Lessons Learned

Happy Clients

Transformative results and satisfied clients attest to the power of Rayyan’s agile coaching expertise. Join us and experience the impact of agile coaching firsthand.

"He is wise amongst his years and he has the heart to be the best coach in your organisation. An amazing individual and a leader amongst coaches"
Adeel Customer Client
Adeel Mirza
"Worked tirelessly to get us to a solid place quickly. He has a remarkable ability to bring everyone together and get the right people to make decisions"
Jack Customer Client
Jack Horton
“Rayyan provides provable and efficient methods of laying out our ways of working which helped us across many teams to get perspective and gain momentum quickly.”
Nath Customer Client
Nathaniel Cole



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