Executive Leadership Growth

High Performing Leaders
Are Change Agents


Through virtual coaching sessions with Rayyan you will gain deeper self-awareness, drive transformational change and enhance your reputation with your peers, hierarchy, direct reports and team members.

Rayyan’s Executive & Leadership Growth coaching uses neuroscience, behaviour-science, as well as eastern approaches to personal change. Rayyan’s personal approach is blended with deep professional knowledge of Agile, Systems Thinking, Design Thinking, Human Centred Design, Product Management as well as IT & Business Transformation.

6 Steps For Your Leadership Growth

Rayyan has supported many FTSE 100 and NASDAQ organisations through Transformation programs. Through these experiences, the below six step method is proven to be the basis for significant Leadership growth and organisation wide impact.



Develop a deep, defined, powerful leadership vision.



Begin implementing improvements as per your coaching conversations.


Powerful Goal-Setting

Design the goals and roadmap required to create impact.


Deliberate Identity

Develop a deep sense and inner understanding of what, how and who you are as a leader.


Inspired Experimentation

Take huge leaps forward in your team development by exploring new approaches that will help you deliver more impact.


Guided Reflection

Reflect holistically on your leadership and find ways to further enhance your ability as a leader.

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I initially met with Rayyan around 3 years ago whilst in the early stages of my DLT Crypto iGaming startup. He has added clear value in several areas: kanban roadmap optimisation, optimising developer workflow for both written and verbal communication, and addressing scaling issues as the team has grown. One of his strengths that has particularly stood out during our time working together has been his ability break down what I believed to be complex issues into simple frameworks. Around 6 months ago we achieved investment funding for our project and Rayyan certainly played a big part in helping to improve our workflow to the extent that others have also bought into our vision. Highly recommended!

Liam Williams

(Founder, BetKudos)


Choose between monthly private coaching sessions or select on-demand performance coaching

Leadership Coach

Monthly Sessions




Begin High Value, Low Effort, Action Fast

Learn Ways To Further Enhance Leadership

Explore New Approaches To Deliver Higher Impact

Limited Capacity!

Performance Coach

On-demand Sessions

Group & 1-to-1



Develop A Deep, Powerful, Well Defined Vision

Design The Roadmap To Achieve Your Vision

Define Clearly Your Objectives & Key Results

Begin High Value, Low Effort, Action Fast

Learn Ways To Further Enhance Leadership

Explore New Approaches To Deliver Higher Impact

Limited Capacity!

This is not for you if...


❌ You are not willing to take measured risks through deliberate experimentation, especially if they challenge the status quo.

❌ You are not directly able to control or influence your value-creation process.

❌You are not willing to approach known problems with new thinking and new approaches.

This is for you if...


✅ You are willing to take strategic risks through well defined experiments that challenge the status quo of the organisation.

✅ You are directly able to control and/or influence your value-creation process.

✅ You are willing to adapt new thinking and new approaches because you seek new levels of performance.

How Can Leadership Coaching Help You?

Passionate, dedicated, talented and a real critical thinker who wants action rather than words. Rare talent in my view as he’s a thinker, doer and reflective practitioner in the world of constant change. A real asset

Dr Paul Thomas

BBC Wales Business Doctor

I saw first-hand his ability to mentor celebrated, senior coaches at IBM. His knack for being able to connect to individuals from squad level to leadership level, makes him an asset in any organisation who chooses to work with him.


Founder, Agile18

I have had the privilege to work alongside Rayyan. Rayyan as an Agile coach can breakdown the most complex of requirements to understandable and achievable chunks of work by all parties involved. He listens to every comment and makes decisions clearheaded.


Agile Transformation Leader