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So you want your organisation to be famous for serving the interests of your customers?

I’m Rayyan Karim, and I want to help transform your organisation so you can develop a culture that allows you to attract and keep top talent while consistently outperforming your competitors.

Rayyan has been fortunate enough to work with some great businesses

If you know that creativity is the fuel for innovation, read this carefully:

If a workplace motivates its team by offering a higher salary, performance bonuses, and/or the prospect of career progression, it’s likely that – whilst individuals will strive to be better than their fellow colleagues – they actually will be harming the capability of the business as a whole.

If however, a workplace motivates its team by putting the focus on the customer – and the individual understands how their specific team benefits the business overall – their behaviour will always be focused on what is best for the capability of the business as a whole.

From what you see everyday in your department, and from what you hear when speaking to your colleagues, are you magnetising your people towards the desired outcomes because you all believe in its majesty?

Or, is it more likely that your direct reports and extended team members are following your direction blindly, simply with hopes of higher pay and the chance for career progression?

Meanwhile, as a leader, you’re exhausted from

  • Constantly telling your staff WHAT to do, like a minder
  • Man-managing people
  • Feeling like you’re the only one with all the answers
  • Trying to motivate your staff without offering additional incentives (like higher pay)
  • Not being able to harness the power of all the knowledge that resides within your organisation


And the worst part is, you have a vision of the organisation you would love to see, but you just don’t have the time or internal capability to make it happen.

There’s a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow, you just don’t know how to get there.


Imagine This:

Prioritising individuals and interactions:

Over processes and tools; focusing on the people who make the magic happen and how we interact with each other OVER using a tool to communicate information

Seeing improved product and service:

Over comprehensive documentation; focusing on making the magic happen better versus writing packs and documents without any value-add to the customer

Placing customer collaboration over contract negotiation

And listening to your end customers behaviour quantitatively and qualitatively so you can make optimal decisions

Responding to change over simply following a plan

And learning to adapt quickly to the change in customer behaviour and learn how to plan effectively

Look, we know that you’ve been doing a lot of things right …

  • You’ve asked your teams for their ideas for solutions
  • You get regular feedback from your direct reports
  • You’ve facilitated coaching and growth conversations
  • You’ve brought customer information into the heart of your decision making
  • You’ve sought knowledge and support when you feel overwhelmed and out of your depth
  • And, most importantly, you’ve painted an inspiring vision for your team


But, up until this point, your team is working under the wrong type of motivation.

Understand that there are only two ways to motivate people into action …

Intrinsically, with inspiration.

Or extrinsically, with manipulation.

And, right now, it’s likely that your team is being extrinsically motivated by their fortnightly cheque – and little else.

At this point, I must be brutally honest with you:

It will always be an uphill battle if you’re trying to motivate your team extrinsically.

But here’s the deal:

Smart people do not need to have their activity managed.

Instead, they need help in understanding the customer problem to solve, the customer opportunity they can create, and they need to be trusted to work together to produce a valuable outcome for the end customer.

In a battle of extrinsic vs Intrinsic, intrinsic wins every time.

Ready to get your employees motivated the right way and working for the good of your customer?

We use a system we call VASE. Here’s how it works:

V - Step 1 - Your Vision

All organisations have a variety of different constraints, pressures, and competing resources. We want to start our thinking without any of these perceived barriers. Once we are clear on the highest vision and most compelling outcome for your organisation we are able to design custom strategies to get you to where you want to be.

A - Step 2 - Our Audit

We want to understand how “work to be done” flows throughout your organisation. You can expect us to join your team meetings, hold 1:1 interviews and facilitate group sessions. This allows us to best understand what is really happening in your organisation before we begin shaping our strategy to create the organisation you want to see.

S - Step 2 - Our Strategy

As the popular saying goes, “there are many ways to chop an onion” and the right way depends on who you are cooking for, what you are cooking, and why you have decided to cook.

We will discuss several options with you before we collaborate on designing the most effective approach for your organisation.

After all, context is king, and you will have a much richer picture of your unique organisational complexities.

E - Step 3 - Value Adding Experiments

Our methods are always centred on empowering your staff to take greater responsibility, control, and ownership of bringing reality to your rhetoric.

Your teams will turn all inherent problems into opportunities before co-designing safe-to-fail implementation plans that allow for rapid learning and validation.

Our delivery methods always ensure accountability, clear communication, and rapid learning.

Ready to speak with Rayyan?...

Your organisation is a perfect for Level Up if you:

  • Have a willingness to adapt, to learn, to change
  • Are hungry to get your hands dirty
  • Are ready to try new things with their teams

Note that Level Up requires significant leadership support, access to internal resources, and time for staff to spend in workshops, in 1:1 interviews and in group feedback sessions. We remove “management” structures and replace them with systems of information flow and decision making at scale that installs inspirational leadership, empowered teams, and fast decision making.

With Level Up, we will help you achieve the following principles:

Satisfying The Customer

through early and continuous delivery of value

Harnessing Change

that creates your customer’s competitive advantage by welcoming changing requirements – even in late development

Delivering Value Frequently

with a preference to the shorter timescale

Team Work

Rallying all people involved in the problem to work together to design and deliver the opportunity

Building projects

around motivated individuals and giving them the environment and support they need so you can trust them to get the job done


Emphasising face-to-face and video communication as the most efficient and effective method of conveying information

Validated Customer Outcomes

Ensuring that the primary measure of progress is always validated customer outcomes

Constant Pace

Finding a constant, sustainable pace for all the employees within your organisations so they can continue indefinitely

Enhancing speed to value delivery

with continuous attention to technical excellence

Prioritising simplicity

and the art of maximising the amount of work not done

Empowering teams to be self-organising

so they can create the best architectures, requirements, and designs

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and transform your organisation

NOTE: Level Up is NOT a giant international consultancy with prices you cannot afford and programmes which are so rigid they do not adapt to your specific context (and, therefore, eventually fail).

Instead, we create a solution for you based on the context of your organisation and utilize world class knowledge on the topics of motivation, teamwork, leadership, innovation and organisational change – all in one hands-on program.

When your organisation works with us in Level Up, we listen to your organisational vision, audit where you are now, design the solution, and then facilitate the workshops, meetings and data entry for the first 6 weeks. Then, in the last 6 weeks we begin the knowledge transfer and capability uplift so that your staff run the meetings, own the process, and thrive without our support.

Still on the fence?

We believe in the work we do in Level Up and, because of that, will work with you until your team is able to facilitate the leadership system and structures we help you to create.

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