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About Rayyan Karim

Life and Business GROWTH Coach
Leadership & Corporate Transformation EXPERT
Social Entrepreneur and Author

Rayyan Karim is a life & business growth coach, leadership & corporate transformation expert, a social entrepreneur and an author. Rayyan has directly supported more than 13 different organisations across 9 industries, including 5 multi-nationals and 3 start-ups. Rayyan has invested his time also to power the personal transformation of individuals through his XPG community, as well as through his flagship Design Your Future program.

Rayyan Karim is the author of two books both published on Amazon: “Design Your Future – The profound way to improve your life” and “Change Agents – How to create phenomenal agile agents of organisational change”.

Rayyan Karim is called on by leaders who are looking to fundamentally transform their organisations through their approach to leadership. Rayyan guides leaders to generate purpose-driven, high performance team cultures, that relentlessly focus on the end customer. Rayyan’s work for organisations makes them systemically innovative which produces higher revenues, decreases staff turnover, increases their competitive edge, embeds their multi-year strategy at a faster rate and enhances their customer’s end to end experience.

Rayyan Karim is the servant-leader of the XPN Community, which supports its members to relentlessly improve their life experience through conscious experimentation. XPN Community members create more fulfilling, passionate and purposeful lives.

Rayyan Karim is the personal coach for individuals building corporate careers, for entrepreneurs growing businesses from scratch, for small to medium business owners scaling their success, for digital nomads creating commerce to support their lifestyle and for young ambitious hustlers who leverage proven methods, frameworks and approaches.

Rayyan Karim regularly contributes to the planet by planting trees in heavily deforested areas and contributes to the development of the next generation through distribution of free learning resources and his personal development program for young learners.


Rayyan’s Life, Leadership & Business coaching allows his clients to systemically innovative so they are always able to make significant leaps forward whilst developing consistency. Leveraging neuroscience, behaviour-science and eastern approaches is key for personal transformation, where as for Business’, the focus is on reoccurring revenues, increasing staff loyalty, increase their internal efficiency, and enhancing the end-to-end customer experience.

Heal The Planet

Through his partnership with Tree-Nation, Rayyan Karim continues to add to the 400+ trees that his clients have allowed him to plant in heavily deforested areas around the world. Rayyan has also supports young people to think beyond their social conditioning so they can design their own truly inspiring futures, craft a clear pathway to get there, and gain immediate momentum.

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One clear plan creates focus.

Focus empowers creativity.

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