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Start Up success Students- Full Episodes

Rayyan speaks with active and currently successful entrepreneurs who share their dynamic life and business experiences that have brought them to where they are today. 

These powerful conversions drive a lot of personal learning and reflection for Rayyan as well as becoming an invaluable source of knowledge sharing across a community of bright-minded people with big ideas. 

Start Up Decision making

How to be a high performer?

Why Do I Feel Exhausted All The Time?


Coming straight out of Silicon Valley in the year 2000, “Agile”, has completely transformed what it means to be an effective business. This word, “Agile” is the reason tech giants Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook etc have been able to take-over and dominate their industries in record time. Learn all about Agile in these three videos below:

What Is Agile?

How to measure Agile performance?

How To Facilitate Agile Events?


We know the entire universe is interconnected and we know this is called “ecology”. Similarly, our businesses create their own universe. Systems Thinking allows us to apply this interconnected way of thinking to your business so that we can shape the most effective strategies. Learn more about systems thinking:

Systems Thinking Introduction

Systems Thinking for a Better World

If Systems Thinking had a TED Talk...

Toyota Kata – Applied Systems Thinking

Systems Thinking Lessons From The Pandemic


How do you learn what your customers want and continually blow them away with value-add features and opportunities for them?

The answer is simple… Innovation!

Real Innovation At Scale

Jeff Bezos Speaks on Innovation

Elon Musk - Experimentation Is Key


Most management courses tell you to focus on efficiency. That is hard to argue with, until you realise business is not about efficiency. Business is ACTUALLY about EFFECTIVENESS… How effectively are your team able to serve your end customer? Learn what teamwork in the modern world really means:

Make Leadership not management

Great Leaders Serve Others

The secret to success is setting goals


You would be shocked to realise the truth about motivation. You would design your business totally differently if you really knew how your staff and customers are motivated by the environments they are in. Learn more about motivation:

The surprising truth about motivation

How great leaders inspire action

The puzzle of motivation

Why We Do What We Do

This Is Why You Don't Succeed

Trust Your Gut & Believe In Yourself

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