Searching for ways to grow further?

Scale-up your business 

Extra-ordinary approaches create extra-ordinary performance

✓ Benefit from a proven blueprint to scale your business

✓ Combine all elements of scaling up in a short time through an immersive approach

✓ Customise all blueprints and best practices immediately to your business

✓ Every session is recorded and will be available for a recap afterwards

✓ Meet like-minded people that are also actively scaling up their business

How to redefine your business?


First, you need a clear vision of your company to know your customer and what problem you are solving. With this, you can make well-structured objectives in the short, medium, and long term. Growth becomes more predictable and accountable.


Second, you will need a customer-centric approach to offer massive value to your customer. When you know your customer well, you know where to find him and what he needs, and you will be able to make and maintain valuable relationships.


Finally, it is of the utmost importance that you find new effective ways of working. Especially in the starting phase, work is highly opportunistic, and long days are not an exception. However, it is essential to work smarter instead of harder by prioritising, coordinating, and planning effectively.

Our Approach To Scale Up

We work with a proven 3-phase process facilitated by nine practical steps that dramatically upgrade your current business model and catapults it into the business using its full potential.

Phase 1 | Define Your Customer-Centric Strategy

You must know precisely why your company exists and what future problem it is solving based on market research rather than a gut feeling or opportunism.

Phase 2 | Organise And Optimise Your Customer Journey

Resources must be used smartly to attract the right customer with the right irresistible offer and an incredible customer experience.

Phase 3 | Interact With Your Customers To Increase Your Value

Use technology smartly to improve the quantity of your interactions, offer massive value and create loyal customers.

Invest in growth

Our intensive program consists of 9 sessions of no less than 2 hours each and includes 2hours per week of additional support. Rayyan and other senior team members lead the sessions. At each session, the objective is to immerse yourself in the specific topics completely. We guide you through successful approaches and embed these into your business. Together, we design all disciplines tailored to your business so you can apply them immediately with no delay.

The total average investment for this program is £4,800. The number of seats per class is limited. You can reserve your spot for an initial payment of 20% upfront.

Are you ready for Rayyan and his team to help you scale up your business?

Experience you can trust 

Over the past seven years, we have been blessed to work with the largest companies in the world. As a trusted advisor, consultant, and coach, Rayyan and his team support you across your entire organisation, from the board room to customer delivery.