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Rayyan’s Small Business Growth program helps you distill the recipe for your business growth. Through this program you will gain a leadership advisor, as well as performance coach who will hold you accountable and optimally focused.

Rayyan’s Small Business Growth program provides support on all aspects of Small Business Growth, including: Sales, Marketing, Technology, Accounting, Leadership & more

The core of Rayyan’s Small Business Growth program is his “Start Up Guide” framework which provides a simple approach to creating purpose-driven, mission-orientated, customer-centric businesses that generate fast sales and learn what their customer wants quickly.


6 Steps For Small Business Growth

Proven across multiple industries, FTSE100 organisations, NASDAQ businesses, crypto start-ups, and tech scale-ups, these six steps will lead you to success:


Vision & Mission

Rayyan & his team help you to craft powerful customer-centric long-term Vision for your business, identify your growth roadmap and define your first customer centric mission.


Measurable Strategy

Rayyan & his team make sure your Objectives are in-line with your mission, and help you to define the Key Results which will evidence your business growth.


Sales Funnels

Rayyan & his team help you to identify the next evolutions required to your end-to-end sales & marketing funnel so that you can boost your business growth.


Customer Journeys & Service Design

Rayyan & his team help you to understand how your business facilitates your customers end to end experience today, and work with you to optimise this as an end-to-end process.


Finance & Insights

Rayyan & his team design simple and easy to use financial management methods and your own business data so you can manage your business performance and finances daily, weekly and monthly with no stress.



Rayyan & his team are on hand to guide you through the difficult moments, hold you accountable for your performance, act as a sounding board to opportunities and help you work through practicalities of exciting ideas that emerge along the way.

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I initially met with Rayyan around 3 years ago whilst in the early stages of my DLT Crypto iGaming startup. He has added clear value in several areas: kanban roadmap optimisation, optimising developer workflow for both written and verbal communication, and addressing scaling issues as the team has grown. One of his strengths that has particularly stood out during our time working together has been his ability break down what I believed to be complex issues into simple frameworks. Around 6 months ago we achieved investment funding for our project and Rayyan certainly played a big part in helping to improve our workflow to the extent that others have also bought into our vision. Highly recommended!

Liam Williams

(Founder, BetKudos)

What Does Small Business Growth Offer?

Choose between monthly private leadership advice, or weekly group and private peformance coaching:

Leadership Coach



Virtual / In-Person


Small Busines Healthcheck

Objectives & Key Result Audit

Sales & Marketing Funnel Audit

Finance & Inventory Management Audit

Leadership Coaching & Mentoring

Limited Capacity!

Performance Coach


Group & 1-to-1

Virtual / In-Person


Everything From Leadership Advisor

Business Vision Workshop

Objectives & Key Results Workshop

Sales & Marketing Funnels Workshop

Finance & Inventory Management Workshop

Customer Experience Workshop

Team Performance Coaching

Limited Capacity!

Passionate, dedicated, talented and a real critical thinker who wants action rather than words. Rare talent in my view as he’s a thinker, doer and reflective practitioner in the world of constant change. A real asset

Dr Paul Thomas

BBC Wales Business Doctor

I saw first-hand his ability to mentor celebrated, senior coaches at IBM. His knack for being able to connect to individuals from squad level to leadership level, makes him an asset in any organisation who chooses to work with him.


Founder, Agile18

I have had the privilege to work alongside Rayyan. Rayyan as an Agile coach can breakdown the most complex of requirements to understandable and achievable chunks of work by all parties involved. He listens to every comment and makes decisions clearheaded.


Agile Transformation Leader

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