How to adapt in times of constant change and transformation

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According to a report by the World Economic Forum, AI adoption is accelerating faster than ever before, with estimates suggesting that by 2025, AI will contribute over $15.7 trillion to the global economy.

In a world fraught with uncertainty and rapid change we all need a personal recipe for creating a fulfilling life, our businesses require a roadmap to creating purpose-driven organisations able to shape shift at the rate and pace of society, and our society requires new ideas in order to be able to adapt our operating models.

Rayyan offers programs for people, programs for businesses and talks for society so that we are able to heartfully re-invent at the required rate and pace to thrive and survive in these fast changing times.

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Success Stories

Left my old ways behind. Im now in the best shape of my life, learnt how to build websites, started my own e-commerce store and digital marketing business πŸ€‘

Sol R.

Web Designer & Digital Marketer

Left the old job, started the new one. Its Β£22k more and I will lead the Diversity & Inclusion Board πŸ‘€

Eunice A.

Diversity & Inclusion HR Manager

Stopped working real estate to pursue my singing career. Now I sing 5 days a week and earn way more πŸš€”

Jay B.

Solo Artist

We achieved significant investment funding for our multi-million dollar project and Rayyan certainly played a big part in improving our workflow which allowed investors to buy-into our ability to turn our vision into reality. Highly recommended!

Liam W.

Founder, BetKudos (Crytpo iGaming)

Passionate, dedicated, talented and a real critical thinker who wants action rather than words. Rare talent in my view as he’s a thinker, doer and reflective practitioner in the world of constant change. A real asset

Dr Paul T.

Previous "BBC Wales Business Doctor"

I saw first-hand his ability to mentor celebrated, senior coaches at IBM. His knack for being able to connect to individuals from squad level to leadership level, makes him an asset in any organisation who chooses to work with him.

Adeel M.

Founder, Agile18