Most certainly, my experience of life this far has made me a stead-fast believer in the power of self-belief, determination, grit, and also openness, fluidity, and opportunism. What continues to be a mystery to me, is the inccoruptable link between releasing stress, tension and unwanted thoughts and gaining energy, power, and passion for the future.

I’m open to most things in life, which includes your ideas, opportunities, problems and feedback.

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My momentum for action has always been to help people find a way forward. I have always consider my biggest advantage to be that I am from a “disadvantaged area”, a “broken” family, a “broke” family, and a truly inspirational mother with “mental health issues”. Unfortunately, the national narrative that surrounds young people coming from environments like mine is one of despair. Its assumed that we will be very unlikely to run businesses, support stronger local communities and invest in the future of young people. Let alone to be able to create a future they are compelled by.

Fortunately for me, there is a lot of wisdom, insight and learning that my pressure cooker environment schooled me from a young age. I owe my capability as a communicator, problem-solver and action taker to my hometown. 

Since then I have been fortunate enough to leave (most) of my social conditioning behind, which allowed another part of me to grow for the first time: I achieved a 1st in my Undergraduate degree, started & sold my first business, backpacked Guatemala and Mexico learning of ancient culture, joined a “Fast Track to Leadership” scheme at UK’s Largest Bank, became the servant leader for a 30-person team, then a 70-person team, and then a 150-person team. That’s three promotions in 18 months at one of the UK’s largest banks, before I turned 26.

I learnt how to fundamentally redesign an entire organisation so that it could be optimised for innovation, a culture of customer obsession, and an emphasis on teams that organise getting their own work done together without ‘managers’. I learnt how to facilitate teams, rooms, training sessions and discussions. I learnt how to coach for higher performance. I learnt how to train sophisticated subjects such as Systems Thinking, Scrum, Kanban, Agile, Service Design and Design Thinking. I took this knowledge with me into a new “FinTech” (Financial Technology) organisation. Within 3months, we went from releasing new code across 10teams once a month, to delivering new increments of working software every day. Working alongside one of the world’s leading global consultancy organisations, I have more recently supported the transformation of Executive Relationship support, hanging my hat on the organisation being able to rescued a multi-million dollar business relationship in Sao Paulo, Brazil as a result of our two day workshop.

My passion is in creating the world we want to see. For me, this takes the form of 1:1 partnerships, business partnerships and education partnerships. 

After all, why settle for less?



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My story so far


Rayyan's Community Success Stories


Taking place at Rayyan’s University, on the 27th June 2017, 400 young people were inspired to explore what the Digital industry might mean for them. 

In 2017 only 10% of young people were choosing to study the type of subjects encouraged by the Digital Industry (STEM subjects). Of those 10%, just 7% of them were female. This clearly illustrates that in 2017, society needed to do a lot more to inspire the future. 

The full day event was designed to create an engaging learning journey for each of the three large groups (Cortana, Alexa, Siri). Before lunchtime, Young people would spend short sessions gaining information via interactive presentations, then be sped off to solve a real world business problem true to the digital industry in teams, and then be physically introduced to new technology by a rising star of one of the 9 supporting companies. After lunch, each young person would start by solving a different real world problem, play with new tech, gain more directly useful insight via interactive presentations and finish with an inspirational story from a lady in technology.

The event was a roaring success, the first of its kind Lloyds and anyone in the Digital industry had achieved and became the basis for a national apprenticeship campaign. With a team of 70 volunteers on the day, and a dedicated team of 12 it took us 6months of organisation, and it was worth every moment. 


An idea that started as a daydream during an event between technology apprentice employers at a BBC Boardroom, 6 months later, became a whirlwind even that allowed 400 young people to understand how they can access an even brighter future.


Starting as a volunteer at the centre, I realised the passion the members had for their IT Club could be directed towards improving the way the centre operated.  After speaking with the Managing Director, we acknowledged the need to also invite other key stakeholders if any improvements generated were to “stick”. We decided to invite 50 elderly people, along with a handful of representatives from various housing authorities, charities, funders, founders and social interest organisations to paint a rich view of what the people that drive the organisation desire more of, and less of. What worked particularly well was organising each table with a mix of each segment of the participants, and using a variety of Energisers, Icebreakers and games to ease the participants into the value-adding group exercises. Our event followed a theme, and that theme was of a Harvest. We wanted the participants to be aware that we were harvest their views with the honest intention of sowing their fruitful seeds of invention.


” Rayyan, has helped us as a business… he came up with an imaginative and engaging programme for our first ‘Stakeholder Workshop’ and led the whole day. It’s provided us with useful feedback [from our members, our associated business entities, and community partners] from all stakeholders that we can use to significantly improve our computer club programme and services. ”

– Mike Ellis, Managing Director & Founder (September 2016) 

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