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Rayyan Karim is an agile leadership expert, team coach, and mentor with a strong dedication to helping individuals and organisations unlock their true potential. With over a decade of experience, Rayyan has honed his skills in guiding teams and organisations to achieve remarkable results.
Rayyan has extensive experience supporting FTSE100 and NASDAQ organisations as an advisor, consultant, agile coach, mentor, and scrum master in enterprise-level Agile Digital Transformations. His expertise has played a vital role in driving successful transformations and optimising organisational performance.

Rayyan’s first book, “Change Agents,” is a practical 3-day training guide designed to empower individuals as agile change agents. Packed with actionable exercises, this book is a valuable resource for those seeking to drive positive and transformative change within their organisations.

Rayyan specialises in helping organisations cultivate a fast learning culture that continuously improves and delivers exceptional customer experiences. From the shop floor to the C-suite, Rayyan works closely with all levels and departments to address challenges, optimise processes, and enhance team morale and productivity.


In addition to his professional pursuits, Rayyan is passionate about guiding individuals towards their most exciting and heartfelt future. Through his “Design Your Future” brand, including books, online courses, adult coaching programs, and youth programs, Rayyan empowers individuals to unlock their potential and create fulfilling lives.


Rayyan is committed to making a positive impact beyond his professional endeavors – Rayyan engages in private charitable projects as well as his established partnership with Tree-Nation, contributing to the planting of over 400+ trees, symbolising his dedication to environmental sustainability.

Rayyan Karim is an agile coach and consultant with over 10 years of experience. He helps teams adopt agile methodologies and improve their project management practices.

How can I help your agility?

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Agile Transformation
& Coaching

Rayyan supports organisations to chart the right path to creating real agility. This includes assessing the current organisation model, defining an agile transformation roadmap, immersive leadership training, as well as just in time team coaching to ensure successful adoption and customised support.

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High-Performing Team Development

Rayyan supports executive and leadership teams in developing agile leadership skills. This includes embracing an agile mindset, adopting agile behaviour norms, and embedding agile principles into the way they operate. Further more, leaders learn how to create lasting systemic change through collaboration & empowerment.

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Leadership & Executive Coaching

Rayyan supports your teams to reach their full potential through team performance coaching, training and customised facilitation. This involves creating a culture of transparency, embedding an explicit process of value-creation, as well as implementing self-organising teams via agile practises.



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